Americans trying to contract COVID-19 to get out of watching 2020 Democratic National Convention

Vacation packages for the Wuhan Lab now available!


The pain caused by the 2020 DNC Convention is becoming too much to handle for liberals. While more people are watching Ninja Warrior,
and many watching the convention are doing so to mock the political party event, some people actually care about the nomination of Sleepy Joe and Heels Up Harris.

Seeing how sad, unprofessional, and otherwise boring the party nomination event has been are having several medical problems from depression to advanced Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Some snowflakes began screaming for Antifa Medics while others tried eating Tide pods to reduce the vomiting. Now it appears that contracting the Commie Cough is better than watching creepy LGBTQ music videos, several America sucks speeches, and whatever random rambling occurs from Basement Biden.

“Sure the Wuhan Virus is bad, but listening to every other politician reading off a teleprompter the same thing over and over less painful than coughing and pneumonia,” said liberal activist Maylin Mibalot.

Liberals have been not wearing masks and avoiding BLM/ANTIFA protests where the wuhan virus instantly dies.

“We went to church and then a business in the hopes of catching the Globalist Germ, and I even tried to get a real job,” stated former failed Arkansas Democrat US Senate Candidate Josh Mahoney. Orders for batsoup in blue strongholds are causing even more strain on the United States Post Office.

As a further effort to catch the Socialist Sniffles, liberals have joined RINOs in encouraging more trade with Communist China and banning


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