AOC: ‘I don’t need coal-burning power plants. I get all my electricity from the wall’

People are so stupid.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but burning coal is so 2021. We really shouldn’t be burning coal anymore anywhere! Really. Get with the program!

I certainly don’t burn coal to power my appliances. I get all my electricity from the wall.

I mean, think about it. Why would you get your electricity from burning coal if you can just get it by plugging the cord or whatever into the wall.

No smoke, no carbon. It’s such a smart way to get power.

And you don’t have to go digging up coal to burn either. You just plug into the wall. What, do power plants not have walls?

People are just stupid I guess.

That’s why they didn’t listen to my ingenious idea to generate endless free power I talk about here.

EDIT: People are saying that the wall doesn’t give the electricity but their just dumb. I know where I plug my appliances into. THE WALL! I don’t plug it into the power plant.


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