Nigel Archibald Stuart-Middleton, VI

Nigel Archibald Stuart-Middleton, VI descends from the one of the most preeminent families of the South. After receiving his degree in History (with highest honors) at the University of the South (Sewanee), he then went onto earning his Master's at Oxford University (Christ Church). A convert from Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism, Nigel is now a regular attending parishioner of an Ordinariate parish in the USA, where he sometimes sings Evensong (always a beat ahead of the organ!) in the parish choir. His hobbies include wearing tweed clothing (exclusively!), high tea, Trappist beers, British history (identifies as a Jacobite!), and smoking his pipe. He is married to his enchanting wife, Penelope, and is the doting father of four darling children: Nigel VII, Claire-Marie, Henry-Winthrop, and Thomas. If any of Nigel's writings caused you to chuckle or smile....feel free to buy Nigel a pint of beer here: