Bernie assures dying Italians that rationing of care their in socialized medical system ‘isn’t so bad’

Democratic socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders flew to Italy before the travel ban goes into effect to assure dying Italians that the rationing of their medical care in their socialized system, “isn’t so bad.”

“Sure, you may die like a wheezing, coughing, sneezing dog on the street, but I bet your literacy rate is really high!” Bernie says in the speech at the intensive care unit at Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome.

Italy is suffering the worst outbreak of the coronavirus outside of China and their population health bureaucrats have decided that they must ration care:

As an extension of the principle of proportionality of care, allocation in a serious context shortage of health resources must aim at guaranteeing intensive treatments to patients with greater chances of therapeutic success: it is therefore a matter of privileging the “greatest life expectancy”.

“But it’s not so bad,” Sanders said. “Try to think of your dying too early as a way to lower your carbon footprint to zero.”