AOC agrees with Bernie that even with COVID-19 we should keep ‘Borders’ open and give out free books too

It’s hard to believe some of the stuff that our politicians are saying these days. The CDC, WHO, DHS and countless other organizations are trying to limit the mortality rate from coronavirus.

Just today Bernie Sanders proclaims that if he were in charge, in spite of the coronavirus pandemic, he would open up the borders and keep them open so anyone could avail themselves of our healthcare system. He doesn’t seem senile like Joe Biden, but seriously? Does he not understand that our country would be overwhelmed by the virus with the sickest patients trying to cross the border? Doesn’t he remember 1918? He was there.

In addition, is Bernie really a serious candidate in the first place? Yesterday he said he wasn’t going to mention anything about the mental health of his rival, Joe Biden. He did the same thing with Hillary regarding her e-mails. A Presidential campaign is a blood sport and Bernie undoubtedly faints at the sight of it.

Being a democratic socialist herself, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agrees with Bernie completely. Why just today she said, “Why not let people into Borders? Is their coffee not good enough? Are their books not as good as Barnes and Noble? Shouldn’t we encourage all our illegal aliens to read more? Is say, let’s open our Borders to everyone. Isn’t that what this country’s all about? Naturally, she received a full 5-minute standing ovation from the pre-school audience she was addressing. All those little hands clapping. To say the least, we were moved and look forward to more VPK speeches.