Bernie demands inept government that flubbed COVID-19 response take over entire healthcare system

Democratic socialist presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has been extremely critical of the governmental response to the coronavirus outbreak and the COVID-19 disease.

“The way that the government has handled this crisis is absolutely unacceptable,” Sanders said at a remote press conference from an underground bunker. “And that’s the kind of organization that should be in complete control of our entire healthcare system!”

Political analysts agree that the government was completely unprepared for the outbreak and has mishandled every aspect of the preparation and that that same government should be in charge of all healthcare decisions in the United States.

“You see all the people dying in China, Italy? They have universal health care. That could be us!” Sanders added.

“It’s not that corrupt government bureaucracies are innately horrible at allocating resources and planning. It’s that they aren’t big enough to make the difficult decisions,” Sanders added.