BREAKING: Democrats outlaw coronavirus; Trump mad he didn’t think of that

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The Democrat National Committee or DNC, has been successful in stealing a primary election from the honest communist Bernie Sanders once for Hillary Clinton via Super Delegates. It appears to have done so again for the 2020 election by forcing a woman and a gay guy to support an old white guy as the head of the party of diversity. The DNC will likely protect the senile communist Joe Biden from The Bern and from Tulsi Gabbard, who qualified for the Democrat debate Sunday March 15th due to having one delegate. A last minute change from the Party establishment kept the minority woman from sniffing range of creepy/sleepy Joe.

Based on this winning streak, the DNC has decided to use its awesome power to fight the coronavirus!

The following rules have now been written for the microscopic organisms.

  1. All Democrat, LGBTQ, media, leftist cultural, SJW, & other DNC approved gatherings are Coronavirus-Free Zones! All government buildings are also Coronavirus-Free Zones! Signs in English and Spanish will be made soon.
  2. All viruses, corona and otherwise are subject to red flag laws. If you suspect a microbe is acting in a suspicious manner, bacterial, fungal, or extraterrestrial, you can report them to the government as well.
  3. Coronavirus Super Delegates will decide which states will be infected. Support or opposition of President Donald Trump will be a factor when Super Delegates make decisions.  
  4. Making people sick and possibly killing them is one thing, but offending them is something else entirely. Therefore, there will be more politically incorrect speech from the coronavirus.
  5. The coronavirus, which started in the Chines Provence of Wuhan, which happens to have a bio weapons lab, will be blamed on President Donald J Trump, along with the Bird Flu, which originated in China, and the Pig Flu, which also originated in China, and the tons of fentanyl on Chinese Vessels to Mexico which gave us the opioid epidemic, & selling out of manufacturing to the People’s Republic of China by the deep state over decades, & for The President of China looking like Winnie the Pooh.

These DNC rules are subject to change.


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