Biden boat parade in Louisiana a success

BATON ROUGE, LA—The Joe Biden boat parade in Louisiana was a success as coffins unearthed by deadly flooding were spotted floating down a street lined with houses over the weekend.

According to the Walker Police Department, pro-Biden caskets had floated up from the St. Mark’s Cemetery in Baton Rouge Friday afternoon as a result of the flooding.

Some residents spotted caskets drifting, while others saw entire pro-Biden burial vaults in the floodwaters.

There was some question about whether the parade participants were in fact Biden supporters.

“I have family buried here,” one person commented. “And I don’t think they would like it if they were seen supporting sleepy Joe Biden.”

After the police department shared the eerie image on their Facebook page, those with relatives buried in the cemetery spoke out to share their concern.

Another wrote: “My daddy’s wife is buried here. She was a staunch conservative all her life. It’s just so sad to think that you start voting Democratic once you die.”

Parts of Louisiana have seen as much as 17 inches of rain over the past weekend, the Associated Press reported, spurring the boat parade.

A Biden boat parade in Chicago earlier this year ended up with several killed and zero boats.


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