Bill Clinton to address Democratic Convention live from Epstein Island

PEDO ISLAND—Bill Clinton will address America’s Democrats during the largely video conference Democratic National Convention from Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island, which is under the new management of Middle Easter businessman Haadid Nahkil Museff.

Sources at the DNC say that Clinton’s speech will mainly consist of oohs and aahs from him while he’s getting a massage from an underage girl.

“We thought that it was only right to show the country what being a Democrat in this difficult time of COVID is really like,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez said.

New pictures of the former president have been revealed showing a young woman giving him a massage after a trip on Epstein’s private jet.

Clinton has repeatedly said that he has, “not had sexual relations with that plane.”

The Democratic National Convention has been very popular with people looking for more debauchery than what Netflix is offering.


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