BLM promises to ‘burn the whole motherf***er down’ if they don’t win the Nobel Peace Prize

WASHINGTON, DC—Black Lives Matter protestors took to the streets over the weekend after it was announced they were nominated for the Nobel Peace prize, intending to make sure they won the prize.

“We are going to kill everyone and burn the motherf***er down if we don’t win that b**ch,” BLM DC Treasurer Marcus White said.

Many were mad that their months of destruction and intimidation during the 2020 presidential campaign didn’t automatically win the prize for them.

“They clownin’ trying to say we don’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Who they think this is? Nelson Mandela? We should’ve already won like 15 Nobel Peace prizes for all the s**t we burned down last summer!” BLM member La’Vonta Pierce said.

Pierce was one of the first mostly peaceful rioters to campaign for then-candidate Joe Biden during his Riots and Looting for Joe events.

“If we don’t win the peace prize, I guarantee you there won’t be a motherf***ing peace prize next year,” White said.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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