BREAKING: Arkansas is first state to allow minors to cut off their arms if they identify as a T-Rex

LITTLE ROCK, AR–Governor Asa Hutchinson on Monday signed legislation Monday that made Arkansas the first state to allow minors to surgically replace their arms with reptilian forceps if the child identifies as a T-Rex.

Hutchinson took the brave stance against anti-transspecies bigotry prevalent in the state.

“If a child of three years old thinks it’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex, then by golly, it’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex,” Hutchinson said.

The Republican governor rejected legislation that would have prohibited doctors from providing species-changing hormone treatment, puberty blockers or surgery to anyone under 18 years old, or from referring them to other providers for the treatment.

The move comes just months after the then-presidential-candidate Joe Biden said that he would endorse T-Rex transitions across the country.

“I will flat out just change the law, eliminate those executive orders,” Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, said. “There should be zero discrimination. I mean, if we’re going to be real, the military should love a couple T-Rexes in the ranks! If a 3-year-old thinks he’s T-Rex, we need to pump him up with hormones and cut off his arms.”

Arkansas is the first state to allow it, thanks to Hutchinson’s veto.


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