BREAKING: Democrats agree to fund border wall after Trump says he doesn’t want it anymore

In a political move that is being called the “genius,” President Trump has reversed course on his position of the border wall and declared his eternal opposition to it.

Within minutes, Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi were giving a press conference declaring their undying support for the wall.

“I’m a big open borders guy, huge,” President Trump said in his press conference. “I’ve always been. I love Mexicans.” He finished with a resounding, “Mrs. Pelosi, tear down this wall!”

Schumer and Pelosi responded 403 seconds later with an attack on the president’s careless security policy. “Mr. Trump has shown that he cannot be trusted to lead this country. He needs to be impeached; we need a border wall, and we need it now!” Pelosi said.

Many viewers were taken off guard by the abrupt about-face but others fell in line like the sheep they are.

“I support our president,” Harry Chin of Freemont, CA said, “and if you don’t and you think we need the border wall, then you’re un-American and need to deported.”

“President Trump has never been right and he’s not right about this either,” Alicia Broker said. “I used to oppose the wall but now I see that it is so very important to our national security. Anything that the Orange Man does should be opposed.”




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