BREAKING: Latest Hurricane Dorian prediction maps completed by local toddler


MOBILE, AL—18-month-old and world renown scribbler Bobby has released the latest Hurricane Dorian prediction model maps for the US National Hurricane Center.

The maps the National Weather Service generates are a combination of several different estimates, called spaghetti plots, which get their name from the spindly lines that show where a storm could go.

Most often, researchers show several of these models’ lines at once, which makes it look like they’ve thrown a handful of loose spaghetti onto the map, when in reality, it’s just Bobby scribbling on a map of the United States.

“Bobby’s been really excited for these Dorian maps,” Bobby’s mom Janette Lentz said. “He learned how to say ‘poop’ so after every drawing he creates for the national service, he says ‘poop’ and laughs hysterically.”

Janette’s favorite prediction model is the one the has Dorian doing a loopdi-loop across the US into Montana.

“When Bobby got the call to make the latest scientific computer prediction models for Hurricane Dorian with finger paint, we just knew he was up to the task! He’s so creative and colorful when he draws!”

Many researchers and scientists have made it clear that even though they don’t have any clue where this hurricane is going—any more than Bobby does—they know weather and they know what the weather is going to be like 12 years from now especially.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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