Millions of UK socialists dying in the streets from withdrawals during Parliament shutdown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked Queen Elizabeth II to shut down Parliament in what is called a prorogue and millions of socialists in that country are literally dying in the streets from government withdrawal syndrome.

“I can’t feel my legs,” cried one socialist victim. “They took away my government and I’m going to literally die now!”

London was full of corpses, not seen since the epidemic of the Bubonic plague during the Middle Ages.

“I just can’t believe they let this happen! Those evil Tories stole our government and we’re all dying now!” screamed one clearly shaken socialist whose arm fell off immediately afterward. “How can anyone live without Parliament there making decisions about how we should live?!”

“I thought it was bad enough when you took away the EU government from us, now you’re taking away the UK government from us too!? Are you insane!?”

There was an intense level of moaning and gnashing of teeth throughout London and several places around England and Scotland, especially when the Queen gave her approval.

“It was almost as if we have a constitutional monarchy as opposed to a direct democracy. We MUST HAVE GOVERNMENT!!!!”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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