BREAKING: Sinaloa Cartel offers to move all their drug manufacturing to the United States

Supply chain management, just-in-time inventory, and globalization have made the United States vulnerable to outside and unpredictable forces. Some of these systems are incredibly complex, some efficient, some fragile.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has exposed just how vulnerable many of our drug supply chains have become and how susceptible we are to global disruption.

In order to try and fix the drug situation, Congress is looking to move much of our supply chain back to the United States. This is going to take time and legislation to accomplish.

But for the time being we have already received positive feedback from one drug company who is willing to move here RIGHT NOW. TODAY!

The Sinaloa Cartel, makers of products we use right here in America every single day, has really stepped up. Just today, President Trump has received a letter from Pablo Escobar Jr. volunteering to move his entire operation from the Jungles of Columbia to the District of Columbia.

Hopefully, this will act as a clarion call to other drug companies. Maybe something positive can come from this pandemic after all.