Miley Cyrus changes name to ‘Miley Virus’ to raise awareness of herself

The majority of our celebrities have been pretty annoying during this outbreak. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo asked a few to request people shelter-in-place in NYC and that seemed appropriate. But most? Tiresome.

What is particularly irksome is that we continuously hear what a horrible job the president is doing. How he’s killing more and more people every day through abject mismanagement. What they don’t explain is that the majority of day-to-day control is local and through Governor’s offices.

Naturally, those celebrities who lean Conservative have praised the President’s job. In fact, the President himself has remarked the MSM has been a bit more truthful with their reporting recently. That won’t last!

So what can Hollywood do to help? How can they honor the victims of a pandemic barely under control?

Well, up steps Miley Cyrus. Though she won’t have any kids until we clean up this “piece-of-s^*t planet”, there are other personal sacrifices equally worthy. As of noon today she has volunteered to be called “Miley Virus”.

Why make this unprecedented sacrifice? As she said to GT’s entertainment reporter, Thereall Shallow, “I really don’t think many people have even heard about this virus thing. I know I just heard about it this morning cause I thought it was just a computer virus that showed me twerking. This thing could be really serious”.

We agree.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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