BREAKING: Supporting law enforcement is okay again

(CNN)—Millions of “Defund the Police” activists are cheering the FBI raid on former president Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate and criticizing the people who dare to question it.

“We back the FBI 100%,” Portland Antifa CEO Hugh Janus, who has an ACAB tattoo on his forehead said. “It’s true that all cops are bastards, but this was a totally legit raid.”

Janus is part of a group who are offended that Republicans may not agree with law enforcement agencies who behave outside the law to provide political persecution of their adversaries.

“Who do they think they are? To dare question the unquestionable infallibility of federal law enforcement – who have never up to this very moment had their motives questioned in America? We at ‘De-fund the Police’ will not sit idly by while the motives and methods of our law enforcement are peacefully questioned when they break the law like we told them to do,” Janus added.

We at CNN back the blue (unless they’re targeting actual criminals).


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