China cracks down on Green Arrow propaganda for inspiring rebellious archery


Due to the usage of archery by Hong Kong Protesters, The People’s Republic of China is using the powerful influence it has to ban images of heroic archers fighting for freedom in movies and TV. Several recent popular movies such as The Hunger Games and Lord of Rings show archers fighting against evil. The popular TV show Green Arrow on the CW is centered around a vigilante archer, Oliver Queen, who fights against crime and corruption. While the violent Star City is his main battleground, The Green Arrow has colluded with Russians and has fired his arrows within what will could soon be The People’s Republic of Hong Kong. Now these shows could face censorship, Destalinization style edits, or full out bans until the Hong Kong protests are ended Tiananmen Square style.

China has been successful in censoring material from the United States entertainment industry in the past. The Red Dawn remake of 2012, where communists invade the United States of America was supposed to feature the Chinese Army as the main invasion force, but instead was changed the Chinese puppet regime of North Korea. China also banned the 2017 Winnie the Pooh movie due the talking bear being likened to President Xi Jinping.

China has been also able to censor & minimize damaging news to the Maoist Regime. The story of a Chinese man indicted during November of this year after allegedly stealing trade secrets while working for Monsanto will likely not be mentioned outside of One America News (OAN). The millions given to relatives of political figures such as the Hunter Biden deal is another example of a buried story.

No word yet on if the CW network will comply with the Chinese Government efforts as they have with the social justice demands for more things like pro LGTBQ characters. Hollywood, Google, Amazon, & other media outlets have complied with the Communist Regime before.


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