Democrats change 2022 campaign slogan to ‘Try to lower your expectations’

WASHINGTON, DC—For the first time ever, politicians are promising less during an election. The Democrats have changed their 2022 campaign slogan to “Try to lower your expectations”.

The move is in response to the complete disaster that has been the Democratic dominance of federal government.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the decision in a press conference surrounded by several other utter failures. The Democrats are changing their slogan from “Death to America“, which evidently has been achieved.

“We just really believe that people need to adjust their expectations to the, you know, reality. What, you want food and housing, let alone a job? It’s time to get over it!” Pelosi said.

Polling has shown that the new slogan is popular.

“We think that this slogan will play well across the country but especially in the Democratic stronghold cities where Democratic policies have caused much economic devastation,” DNC Chair Franz Finkleface said.


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