Disney to replace entire ‘Rise of Skywalker’ with 3 hours of Baby Yoda clips

After disappointing Last Jedi gross sales accompanied with a low average rating, Disney is hedging its bets for the last of the Star Wars films: The Rise of Skywalker. Instead of the original plot infused with layers of feminist wokeness, Disney execs have decided to fill the entire three hours of film with clips of Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda, who is more popular than anyone right now including all of the presidential candidates, is a sure win for the entertainment company.

“We decided that we’ve really screwed up the beloved Star Wars franchise and we feel like we really have something great in Baby Yoda, so we’re not taking any chances. All Baby Yoda, all the time from here on out,” Disney CEO Robert Iger said.

Disney has come under fire recently for being a children’s entertainment company advocating for the murder of killing children and of trying to make one million people gay through Frozen 2.

But with Baby Yoda, they can’t go wrong on the latest film.

Here’s the new trailer:


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