FBI requests evidence of election fraud so ‘it can be properly destroyed and utterly forgotten’


LANGLEY, VA–The Federal Bureau of Investigation has officially requested evidence of election fraud from the Voter Integrity Project so “it can be properly destroyed and utterly forgotten”.

“We are currently working with several people gathering evidence of voter fraud including incontrovertible proof that thousands of voters voted in one of the major swing states and somewhere else,” FBI Chief Christopher Wray said. “There is also clear evidence that dead people voted and people who didn’t vote voted. We want to access all that evidence to that we can securely destroy it and it can be utterly forgotten.”

“When it comes to properly destroying evidence of serious, widespread crimes that affect the entire world, we are the best. No one else should handle this evidence,” Wray said.

“People say that we’re not doing anything to investigate this stuff.That’s malarkey. We sent our best blindfolded agents in to get the evidence. It’s just really strange that private citizens like Matt Braynard are able to do our job much better and more efficiently than we can,” Wray added.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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