Feminists demand to be a part of Boy Scouts so they could exclude themselves from Boy Scouts

Feminists around the country have completed the most useless display of political correctness witnessed in the history of personkind last week as they launched an all-girl Boy Scout troupe.

“We wanted very much to tear down the sexist barriers of the Boy Scouts by forcing them to include girls,” Troupe Leader Veronika Weighty said, “and then separate ourselves into an all-girl group.”

Weighty, who goes by the nickname VW, said that females can do anything that males can do, even if it means that males won’t be allowed do things that females can do.

Parents were a little confused by the move. “I mean, why they hell would you force yourselves into a group in order to exclude yourselves from the group?” Bob Haskins asked at a All-Girl Boy Scout Town Hall. “It just seems like Girl Scouts with extra steps.”

“We were fine being separate all-girl Girl Scouts,” VW explained, “we just wanted to make sure the boys didn’t have something we didn’t.”

Boy Scout membership has dropped precipitously since the launch of the Girl-Boy Scouts.

Supporters have downplayed the notion that it is because feminists are cancer.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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