FNC reporter asks Pelosi what finger she would use for Bernie’s rectal while assigning Superdelegates

We are all concerned about Bernie Sanders‘s health since he had a recent heart attack and is closing in on 80 years of age. He looks pretty good but has anyone really checked below the hood on this guy?

Though he has learned to speak well in public, every idea he has is complete with instructions in Russian or Chinese that shouts “not to be done in America!” Not only do Republicans know this but just about every sane Democrat (an oxymoron, we know) feels the same way. The oppo research alone will “kill ’em”. And yet he seems on a crash coarse for the nomination.

But do we really know enough about his health? He refuses to release any detailed records of his recent heart attack. His Cuban doctors don’t speak English and their health care is so far above that obtained in this country there is no way for American physicians to interpret their findings.

The real question for us becomes one where we must ask ourselves, “If his policy recommendations make no sense now, have never made any sense in the past and are virtually impossible to implement in the future, what’s going on in that noggin of his?

To that end, it appears Nancy Pelosi has at least made some effort in getting that information. At her news conference yesterday she held up the finger she used to perform what can only be described as a ‘deep rectal”. After digging around for awhile she gleefully replied, “Nope. There’s nothing up there”. It’s unknown exactly how thorough her examination was but Bernie complained bitterly of a severe headache afterwards so we are confident that when Nancy claimed nothing was up there she meant it. As for GT, we couldn’t agree more.