Moms Demand Action demands ‘Safe Space’ for Bloomberg in next Dem Debate


The Roundup-sprayed Grassroots Organization Moms Demand Action, which has anti-gun leftist chapters across the nation, is fighting to protect the billionaire who bankrolls them. The group headed by Monsanto PR director Shannon Watts is pushing to have several “issue-free zones” placed at the next Democratic Debate and at all Michael Bloomberg events.

This concept is similar to the gun-free zones that the group moms demand has been demanding in more locations. “Our signs and policies have never stopped a shooter, but maybe we have at least a 1/1024th of a chance of stopping Elizabeth Warren from taking another piece of Bloomberg’s scalp.

The next Democratic debate scheduled for February 25th will soon be a zone that doesn’t allow the following issues to be brought up:

  • sexual harassment
  • gender
  • trying to buy the Democratic Party
  • trying to buy the Republican Party
  • how moms demand action laws don’t work
  • insulting farmers
  • insulting factory workers
  • urging a worker to kill their unborn child
  • taking away sodas
  • #Epsteindidn’tkillhimself
  • midget jokes
  • how buying the Virginia Government has started a conservative uprising
  • Bloomberg’s age
  • hiring people to make him look good on the Internet
  • the propaganda machine known as Bloomberg news
  • being able to break into heaven due to bad gun laws if there is a God
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • wasting $400 million at the start of a primary while won the whole election with $66 million
  • Stop and Frisk
  • redlining
  • cutting off healthcare to 95 year old people
  • being an elitist snob who thinks he can buy anyone, and of course…….
  • getting his ass kicked in the February 18th Democrat Debate by a fake Indian, a senile creepy crony capitalist, a dying communist, a gay mayor of a failing town, Amy Klobuchar, and the winner of the Democrat debates; Donald J Trump.


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