BREAKING: Harris will pick 10 lucky families for her ‘universal basic incarceration’ program

Not to be outdone by Andrew Yang, who wants to give 10 lucky families $12,000 a year in universal basic income, Kamala Harris has decided to do a raffle of her own to introduce the universal basic incarceration program.

Harris will pick 10 lucky families from across America and incarcerate the breadwinner.

“Harris is really pulling out all the stops,” political analyst Sam Eagle said. “She’s going back to her roots as a prosecutor to really stimulate the voters.”

The raffle, first reported by Matt Stoller, is set to begin online next week and take away the breadwinner of every family worth at least $5000 a month. The universal-basic-incarceration program, which Harris calls the Unfreedom Dividend, is her flagship campaign proposal.

“It’s time to trust ourselves more than our politicians,” Harris said in her debate opening statement. “My campaign will now pick 10 families and throw the breadwinner in jail. There, he or she will receive free healthcare, free food, and free entertainment. Beat that Yang!”

“It is my dream that no American will ever have to worry about finding food or medical care. We’ll provide everything . . . in jail.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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