Healthy, vaccinated woman who died of COVID blamed unvaccinated for her illness


US—A local healthy and fully-vaccinated 40-year-old woman, Kristie Kreme, recently contracted and died from COVID-19. Her family says that she blamed the unvaccinated for her illness and eventual death.

“Her last words were, ‘Damn you unvaccinated people for getting me sick!’ Then she grabbed the last free doughnut she received for being vaccinated and just died,” Kreme’s husband Dick Kreme said.

Kreme was known for her health advocacy around town.

“Kristie would bark at anyone who was putting salt on their food or not social distancing. She was a real advocate for the community health,” Kreme’s neighbor said.

Kreme got the first two doses of the vaccine in February and recently got a booster shot. She had been getting free doughnuts for her fully-vaccinated status ever since.

“It’s clear she cared about her health. I mean she would have taken all the shots they made, but she couldn’t force other people to get the shot and that’s how she got sick and died,” Dick Kreme said, wiping tears from his eyes.

Kristie Kreme was a body-positive 674 pounds at the time of her death.


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