Hillary tries on scary Halloween costumes for Biden campaign ad

US—That Hillary Clinton is such a hoot!

For a recent Joe Biden campaign video, Clinton tried on several scary Halloween costumes to try to get in the Halloween spirit. At one point she even yelled, “If you don’t vote for Joe Biden I’m going to rip your face off and suck out your soul!”

A spokesman for Hillary Clinton later said that she didn’t in fact try on any Halloween costumes during the ad, but we know better. Those masks were scary!

“I will come into your house with a chainsaw and no mask to do my worst on you if you don’t donate to Joe Biden. Do it. Do it. DO IT!” Hillary screamed in the social media advertisement.

She can’t trick us this year thought. We know that the Hill is going to dress up as president for the fourth straight Halloween. What could be scarier than that?