ICE protesters demand America become more like the countries migrants are fleeing

During a protest in front of the Aurora ICE detention facility Friday, a small group from around 2,000 protesters pulled down the American flag and raised the Mexican flag and an upside-down American flag with an anti-police slogan spray-painted on it.

“We really are looking to Make America Mexico Again because this country should really be more like the countries that people are fleeing.”

Aurora police say the decision to not intervene at the time was based on protecting the safety at large and not escalating the situation.

All of the 4 million Democratic presidential nominees for president agreed that America is horrible and should be more like the countries people are leaving.

Hundreds of thousands of people are risking everything to flee their third-world cesspools of countries in order to come to America to make it more like their third-world cesspools of countries.

“Yeah, down with the country that people want to come to for a better life! We want it to be more like those sh**hole countries!” one protester who declined to be identified said.