IDs are racist except when they’re for buying a gun, flying, driving, adopting a pet…

I don’t know what bigots need to hear this but IDs (ie identification cards) are purely racist tools of CIS-gender-normative white supremacy except, of course, when they’re for buying a gun.

They’re also not racist when you’re flying, driving, adopting a pet, or especially not when you’re voting in an Amazon or Coca-Cola shareholder meeting.

IDs are NOT racist

  • to buy alcohol
  • to buy an M video game
  • to get welfare benefits
  • to get married
  • to buy nail polish
  • writing a check
  • cashing a check
  • using a credit card
  • to apply for a business license
  • to apply for permission to hold a protest or rally
  • to buy a house or real estate
  • to rent a motor vehicle
  • to apply for a building permit
  • to serving on jury duty
  • to open a bank account

But an ID is absolutely 100% racist and bigoted when it’s required to vote. If you deny this, I will have you canceled from Facebook, bigot! This is science!


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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