IRS grants tax exempt status to Branch Covidians, fastest growing religion in US

US—In just a few short months our newest religion the Church of Covid has grown to the status of millions of worshipers across every state of the country.  The acting head of the Church Tony Orangebadd said he was thrilled about the IRS ruling.  Mr. Orangebadd is referred to as “Father” by the Covid flock.

In a lengthy interview Father Orangebadd detailed the current status of the new church. Their first bricks and mortar place of worship is in Paterson, NJ. 

“There was an old Baptist Church that was no longer in use.  We purchased it and it in effect will be our St. Peter’s, the center of our religion’s structure and administration,” Orangebadd said.  

During the interview held at the renamed Covidian Basilica, there were two striking points of interest. The altar is in the shape of a face mask and the huge mural behind it. The mural portrays an elderly woman with the sacred words, “keep grandma safe.”

The Church does not have a completed Covidian Bible just yet but the first 3 chapters are named for their prophets, The books of Murphy, Cuomo, and Fauci. The first two being the Governors with the highest per capita virus death totals and of course the saintly Dr. Fauci.

According to Father Orangebadd the core of the religion is the divine realization that God has sent the pandemic to keep us safe. 

“Look even after the COVID is under control we will insist that everyone continue to social distance and wear masks. God wants every grandmother protected.  And that heavenly command from God includes protecting grandma from the common cold.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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