Joe Biden publishes official list of what ‘Voters Don’t Deserve to Know’


Feel free to add your own

Temporary candidate for president Joe Biden has already proclaimed voters don’t deserve to know his handlers position on court packing. Sadly, there are many things that some voters also don’t deserve to know but are still curious about despite efforts from Chris/Chuck Wallace, Facebook Zuckerberg, and other truth agents of he who shall not be named.

Here is your official Voters Don’t Deserve to Know List:

  1. Biden’s Court Packing:

The first don’t deserve edict from your sovereign ruler Biden. It’s going to take time and tax dollars to clone Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and another multi-million dollar media campaign to make her cool to the Gen Z crowd. Judicial Tyranny takes time and Constitution people like Kriss Anne Hall aren’t helping.

  1. Where’s Hunter:

The media will make sure we know every aspect of Amy Coney Barrett and her family. If any Barrett family so much as spits on the sidewalk, it will be a 24 hour special on MSNBC, but we know that Hunter Biden’s millions were earned by honestly by a politically connected adulterer & cocaine addict.

  1. Trump’s accomplishments:

We know the standard number 1 defense for liberal ideas is that there is no other alternative. Prescription drug prices dropping, reform in the VA, & other healthcare reforms can’t be dismissed by Chris/Chuck Wallace.
Don’t listen to news outlets like One America news, America’s News Voice and Breitbart unless you want your liberal ideas only image shattered.

  1. Voter Fraud:

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these Unionized leftist from the swift completion of dumping Republican ballots into ditches and trash cans. Poll workers are going to have a hard time “finding” enough Democratic ballots in school closets to overturn battleground states. Don’t forget to never let people with recording devices near recount locations.

  1. Don’t talk about Soros

Newt Gingrich said a name that is never to be said. If someone asks you about Antifa, ACORN, or other billionaire funded groups, just say they are an idea and then scream racist.

  1. COVID 19 came from china and doesn’t justify lockdowns:

Wear your masks, but let your local and national leaders continue to encourage trade with the communist regime that gave us H1N1, Swine Flu, fentanyl, and proxy wars. Let the same state health department officials who give abortion clinics and political shindigs a pass shakedown and shutdown restaurants and other mom and pop stores. And never ever mention Hydroxychloroquine.

  1. Blexit, Lexit, Walkaway

If you don’t vote for Biden you ain’t whatever group Democrats claim as their own.

8. God

Rights must come from government officials who know better, not endowed by our Creator from “the thing“.


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