Jussie Smollett claims he was ‘robbed’ of best actor Oscar in brutal attack


In a tearful interview with ABC, Jussie Smollett explained in detail an incident in which he was physically beaten up by the Motion Picture Academy while being threatened with racial epithets.

The actor ultimately had his best actor Oscar stolen, according to him. He was not nominated for anything in this year’s awards ceremony.

“That’s what kills me, you know,” he said wiping tears from his eyes, “that the Academy beat me up and stole my Oscar but no one friggin believes me because I’m a gay black man.”

“I was walking home from the Oscars with my little golden man and I heard, ‘Yo Empire!'”

Smollett then describes the harrowing experience of being beaten up and robbed of something there is no proof he had.

“They stole my Oscar, now they want to steal my dignity.”

Smollett is in hot water after claiming he was killed in jail after falsifying a police report.

An investigation is ongoing.


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