LEAKED: Hillary Clinton votes for Trump in MSNBC office pool

Josh Crenshaw has been doing custodial work at MSNBC for, well, so long he can’t remember. Walking by one of the news desks, he noticed something unusual on a news computer screen showing the 2020 election office pool.

Says Josh, “Well, I was walking back to get my toilet plunger cause Mr. Scarborough had just come out of the john and he always gets it clogged after the 10:00 break when I noticed something a little odd on one of the computer monitors that showed the office pool. It wasn’t the fact that we had an election office pool. We have all kinds of office pools all the time. This one had all the usual employee ‘big wigs’ on it and who they thought was gonna win this year’s election.

“What surprised me was that Hillary Clinton was on it and I don’t think she works here although I have seen her in the employee’s coffee break area occasionally. She just likes to chit chat a lot, I guess. Get things off her chest.

“I noticed she was down for President Trump winning the election. Guess she must have an axe to grind about Biden, maybe? Most the people around here are rabid anti-Trump but still, I see a majority of them think he is gonna win. Right now, it stands at Trump 15 to Biden’s 12.

“Of course most of the people working here have shit for brains so I wouldn’t put too much stock in the pool. I would tell you who I was gonna vote for but me being a low level employee and all, I really can’t chance lettin’ it get out.”

Mr. Crenshaw, along with 41 other employees were let go less than 15 minutes after Genesius Times published this report.


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