LEAKED: Inside the Democrats’ plan for a more ‘inclusive’ Mount Rushmore


Sources have leaked expert renderings of a Mount Rushmore redesign that Antifa and top Democrats are working on in response to calls for a more inclusive and representative monument. The plans include a name change to “Mount Flushmore”.

“The current monument has way too many slave owners and no former Nazis or ego-maniacal medical fascists. We must rethink this and all monuments,” the source who refused to be identified said.

The plan includes replacing Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln with President Barack Obama, former Nazi George Soros, Haitian aid defrauder Hillary Clinton, inventor of COVID-19 Bill Gates, and Tarana Burke, founder of #meToot.

“The brilliant thing about this design is that we’re not just changing the sculpture of some former presidents, we’re actually changing history. When we finish this redesign and rewrite the history books, Barack Obama will be the first president of the United States, George Soros will be the third, and Hillary Clinton will literally be the 18th president. It’s brilliant.”

Critics have already criticized the redesign and threatened to take it down because it’s, “not inclusive enough.”

“Where are the paraplegic transgenders? Where are the amorphous asexual representation on Mt. Flushmore?” Billie Getts asked the carved stone. He has not received a response.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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