Local woman bravely blames Trump’s racism for getting laid off after winning $15 hour minimum wage

Nadia Ziegler chose a stunning and brave degree at her $28,000-a-year college: Women’s Studies, which put her into debt upwards of $115,000.

Unfortunately, there weren’t too many jobs open for Women’s Studies majors unless she wanted to double her debt to get a Masters Degree in the subject and go on to teach the same garbage she had just learned.

So, Nadia took a job at a local cupcake shop, feeding people with delicious edibles. But the job only paid her $9 an hour, not enough to pay for her swank downtown apartment and her student loans.

She joined the #FightFor15 campaign after learning from her socialist friends that business owners are just hoarding wealth and not paying their employees enough.

Luckily for Nadia, she lives in a progressive city that forced her bakery employer to pay a minimum wage of at least $15/hour. Nadia was on her way!

But the bakery couldn’t afford so many people at $15/hour because, no one wanted to pay $6 for a cupcake. So, Nadia was laid off.

Now, Nadia is blaming Trump’s racism for her plight, because “immigration and stuff.” It’s clearly a winning argument.