Local woman fired for refusing to put something in her body against her will

A local woman, Lauren Preston, says she was fired by her employer for refusing to put something into her body against her will.

“This is blatantly a violation of my bodily autonomy and the worst kind of harassment,” Preston said in an exclusive interview with Genesius Times.

Local and national authorities, however, are claiming that Preston’s employer gets to decide what to put into Preston’s body without her consent.

Foichee said that he is just following President* Biden’s “Jobs for Jabs” program.

“This isn’t about her choice,” Preston’s employer Tony Foichee said. “I want to put it in her body because of science and so she needs put this thing in her body against her will or she can’t work here.”

Preston has reached out to the #metoo organization that fights for women’s rights to support her defense but has not heard back.


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