Man sues Burger King after ‘Impossible Whopper’ turns him into a woman

A local man is suing Burger King after one Impossible Whopper, the company’s manufactured vegan meat burger, turned him into a woman.

“This is absolutely unacceptable,” said the alleged victim, Jonas Tinkles. “I was trying to save the world by eating less meat. Little did I know that these things literally turn you into women!”

It has been reported that the Impossible Whopper has 44 grams of the female sex hormone estrogen in them, giving them 18 million times more of the drug than a regular Whopper.

A Burger King spokesman said the company was not sorry that this happened and they wished that Tinkles would stop being transphobic.

“Mrs. Tinkles needs to stop being transphobic and embrace her new identity,” the spokesman said.

It hasn’t been confirmed but some are claiming that a raw top sirloin steak without any seasoning will correct the change.