Thousands demand Trump’s impeachment before they end up with jobs

Unemployed liberals across the country are fuming at the low unemployment rate numbers, so much so that they are demanding that President Donald Trump is impeached and removed from office before they all end up with jobs.

“This is a travesty. An injustice,” said Bernie Wertles of Portland, Oregon. “If this keeps up, I’m going to end up working and I don’t want to work. I want to complain about how bad the economy is.”

The department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday, Dec. 6, that the unemployment rate for November was 3.5%, little changed from October and noting that job gains occurred in the healthcare and technical services industries. Employment rose in manufacturing, according to a news release by the bureau, reflecting the return of workers from a strike. 

“This is all Trump’s fault!” screamed one pierced protester who refused to be named (or gendered). “We need him out of office so I don’t have to work and become a productive member of society!”

The protest comes on the heels of Rep. Ilhan Omar claiming that Trump is taking away benefits to minorities by giving them jobs.