Michelle Obama complains about the black American wealth gap from her $12M Martha’s Vineyard home

As most people know by now, Michelle Obama grew up in the Deep South, the daughter of a sharecropper. Her momma had to take in white people’s laundry on weekends and during the week her momma spent sunup to sundown cleaning the homes of rich white folks. Her daddy grew cotton, tobacco, and hemp which he smoked continuously. Not only was her daddy a mean alcoholic who beat Michelle and her mother nightly but he rented out her brothers as indentured servants to local politicians and other farmers.

Michelle never had time to get any real ‘book learnin’. After her nightly whoopin’ she’d run to her Mamaw’s house where she could hear stories of all the good times White folks were enjoying. This made her mad. Real mad. She began to hate her country and all white people.

As soon as she turned 18 she applied to the military but was turned down by every branch suffering from a “Low, Medium, Medium-Rare and Well Done Depression”. She was also turned down because most recruiters described her as ‘One mean little ornery bi^ch who seemed to hate her country, the flag and mostly white folks”. In addition, her response to, “Why do you want to join the Armed Forces?” was simply, “Oh, that’s easy. I want to kill white folks.”

After high school she applied to every Affirmative Action Program in the country and was accepted to all black colleges and Professional schools in spite of being described as, “one of the most racially divisive people we’ve seen who we think can accomplish a much needed white genocide.”

After becoming first lady she did proclaim, “For the first time in my adult life I am really proud of my country, and my two main goals as first lady will be to ruin the school lunch program with food most kids will just toss in the garbage as they run over to McDonald’s, and second, to get as many white folks to leave the country as I possibly can.” Unlike most politicians, at least we know where she stands.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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