My glasses won’t work unless you wear yours


I don’t know who needs to hear this but everyone needs to wear glasses, even if they don’t need them because MY GLASSES WON’T WORK UNLESS YOU WEAR YOURS!

This is science people. If you doubt it, you’re likely a bigot and a transphobe, so let’s see you doubt it.

Is your eyesight 20/20? You think you can see so well you can see in the future? Nice try. Wear glasses!

You think glasses with a correction of -5.50 will mess up your perfect little eyes? Too bad! Wear glasses!

You are just being selfish if you think you don’t need to wear glasses because, listen people, the only way that I can see is if you wear your glasses, whether or not you need them. This is literal science. Dr. Fauci, the representative of all of science, said this is how it is, so this is how it is.

Don’t question it. Don’t do something stupid and try to think for yourself. Just WEAR YOUR GLASSES!