Nancy Pelosi launches OnlyFans account to share private January 6th videos

WASHINGTON, DC—After teasing it last week, Nancy Pelosi announced today that she has indeed opened an OnlyFans account.

The Speaker of the Hous says that she plans on posting “much spicier” January 6th videos than what fans see on C-SPAN or CNN. The videos will consist of men dressed like Vikings and MAGA grandmas walking around the Capitol.

Pelosi told Genesius Times that she started the OnlyFans account because she feels there is a real desire to pay money to watch these videos.

“People can’t get enough,” Pelosi said. “That’s why I’m launching the account but fans may be lucky enough to catch me in a bikini every once in a while too.”

The videos will center on the War of January 6th in which democracy died.

January 6th Committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney also plans on starting an OnlyFans account to show videos of her talking about January 6th.


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