Nation shocked that an official estimate coming from the government was wrong

The nation is utterly shocked that an official estimate coming from a government was wrong—this time about the global COVID-19 outbreak.

Everyone knows that from construction estimates to state healthcare cost projections that all government estimates are at least 99.99 percent accurate.

That’s why it was such a shock for people to learn that government estimates about the coronavirus killing millions of people in the United States weren’t quite accurate.

“Whenever the experts in the government make a claim, I know it’s going to be 100 percent true,” Brian Less of Topeka, KS said. “That’s why I was just flabbergasted when they had to change their numbers after the fact.”

Initial estimates that were based on computer models created by institutes with completely coincidental ties to vaccine manufacturers showed over 2 million people dying from COVID-19 in the US. Those estimates were used to drive public policy into a frenzy of shutdowns and economic suicide.

Experts then said that the numbers would be closer to 100-240,000 deaths despite our best efforts of lockdown. Now, that estimate is 60,000.

“I’m just stymied. How could a government official be so wrong? Politicians and bureaucrats have never lied before!” Less added.


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