Netflix CEO Jerry Epstino defends sexualization of children in ‘Cuties’

LOS GATOS, CA—New Netflix CEO Jerry Epstino has issued a public defense of the new Netflix original film ‘Cuties’ (“Mignonnes”), which showcases the sexualization of young girls.

The movie, which is rated “TV-MA” for language, centers on Amy, an 11-year-old Senegalese girl living in Paris who joins a “free-spirited dance clique” (called “the Cuties”) to rebel against what she perceives as her family’s oppressive mores.

“‘Cuties’ is an award-winning social commentary about the sexual pressures young girls face from a culture that makes films about the sexual pressures young girls face,” Epstino said. “This film is important to encourage the type of sexualization that it is a commentary about. And did I mention that it’s award-winning?”

Video streaming giant Netflix has launched a new marketing drive to retain users in the wake of the #CancelNetflix campaign on social media.

For a limited time only, new subscribers will get a chance to win an all-expenses paid vacation to a tropical island in the Caribbean for any girl younger than 15.

“We really want to reward all of our members, but we only have space for young girls right now because they’re smaller,” Epstino said.


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