New InBOX app ‘SnatchCheck’ identifies gender by checking for ‘junk male’

MINNEAPOLIS—On March 23, 2022, Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, during her Senate confirmation hearing, was at a loss to explain what a woman is. Now, no one has to because SnatchCheck will do it for you and for only $19.99.

Company spokeswoman, Caitlin Romney says “a pic will do the trick. Just take a quickie selfie of your privates and submit it with our new app, InBOX.”

The company’s certified anatomical evaluators will put all that anxiety riddled gender identity angst to rest. In just minutes, these experts will go through a seven step, quasi-medical procedure based on your submission and determine your birth-sex and, if you qualify under USDA guidelines, can represent yourself as a human woman.

No more pronoun paralysis or form fill fluster… feel assured that no matter what your birth certificate or 2nd grade teacher told you, you can confidently tell your sex mate where to put it… up yours!


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