New study finds people who support socialism were more likely to be sniffing glue during economics class


STANFORD, CA—Researchers at The Hoover Institution at Stanford University recently published one of the most groundbreaking studies yet on economics. The study, conducted over the course of five years, analyzed social media posts from thousands of users on sites like Facebook and Twitter and showed a strong connection between users supporting socialism and sniffing glue during economics class.

“It’s one of the most comprehensive studies conducted on the subject in a long time,” said economist Dr. Thomas Sowell, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. “For decades, economists were under the impression that supporters of socialism paid attention in economics class, but instead, the study found that its adherents actually sniffed glue during class – lots of it – and as a result, are entirely clueless about some of the most basic principles of economics, such as scarcity and inflation. It’s truly mind-boggling.”

Researchers published many of the tweets and Facebook posts they used in their studies to show the proliferation of economic ignorance that exists on the internet in general, and on social media in particular. We at the Genesius Times have decided, in our infinite wisdom, to publish many of these social media posts for your viewing pleasure.

One user tweeted, “The law of supply and demand is that if I demand something, you should supply it.” Another user tweeted that, “I just heard about these things called ‘options’ and ‘futures’ and I’m like hey, if Donald Trump stays in office any longer, we’re gonna run out of options and have no future.” Yet another user posted on his Facebook page that, “Contrary to what these so-called ‘economists’ tell you, monopolies aren’t bad at all. In fact, it was my favorite childhood game. So there.”

The researchers concluded their study by stating that without the presence of socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on social media, everyone’s collective IQ would probably increase by at least ten points.


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