GT retracts ‘Fascist Trudeau’ article for not being fake enough

After careful deliberation and a good deal of soul-searching, I have decided to write this letter to the Editorial Board at Genesius Times, the most reliable source of fake news, and to my readers. 

On February 12, 2022, Genesius Times published my piece, “Trudeau: ‘These fascist truckers are promoting dangerous ideas like ending fascism’,” believing, at the time, that my research and reporting met the highest journalistic standards of fake news. I can no longer stand by that assessment in good conscience, and for that, I am truly sorry. Genesius Times and my readers deserve better than that.  Your confidence in me has been misplaced, in this instance, and I hope you can never forgive me.

I know Genesius Times to maintain the very same ethical standards as other reputable news organizations, like CNN and MSNBC, none of whom would ever publish facts that could not be verified as at least mostly false. According to these standards, so essential to the news media’s most fundamental purpose, if it is known for certain that the central claims of a story are objectively true, that story must be buried entirely and censored from all legacy social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Any reputable news agency will have a firm policy in place to report only cherry-picked facts irrelevant to the central issue in a story, and then to distort those facts so they can be made to fit a predetermined Leftist, globalist narrative.

I am ashamed to say that this is not what happened in this case. I hope my readers never forgive me for this honest and completely unintentional mistake and short-fall of journalistic ethics. I know my claim will seem too outlandish to believe, as I assure my readers that I did not know at the time that my report was entirely factual in all substantial respects. Again, this is a gross violation of everything good journalists stand for.  My audience should in no way take into account a certain detail about time, because it should never be seen to matter to any reputable journalist. Rather, it should be regarded as a “convenient excuse” to say that what I reported was actually mostly false at the time I submitted my article, and only became true on Tuesday, January 15, when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act to declare himself a fascist dictator.

I am a seasoned journalist, and I should have known that what I was reporting at the time would not stay false for very long. I should have anticipated that it would prove to be true in only a few days at most.  The fault in this shameful and embarrassing breach of the journalistic standards Genesius Times holds dear, and to which I have dedicated my career, is entirely mine. The harm I have done by reporting objective truth instead of Left-Wing propaganda has done immeasurable harm to those things I value most in this world.  For this reason, I respectfully urge the Editorial Board at Genesius Times to withdraw my recent article, and for my readers to unperson me on social media.


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