To raise awareness during Super Bowl, Shakira used the same rope that Epstein used when he didn’t kill himself

During the most meaningful and poignant Super Bowl halftime show ever, singer and performer Shakira raised awareness during her rope dance by using the exact same rope that Jeffrey Epstein used to not kill himself.

“People will say that it was just a sex-fueled burlesque, but it was extremely meaningful,” halftime show analyst Don Perkins III said. “I thought is was the most dramatic moment in any Super Bowl halftime show ever.”

The lewd show has been lauded by everyone for being a great feminist moment and especially for protesting sex trafficking through sexual objectification. But the Epstein rope went beyond greatness.

“Shakira has balls,” a fan named Roger said. “To strip down like that in front of everyone on Earth is one thing, but to use the same rope that Epstein used when he didn’t kill himself—that’s gutsy!”

Shakira opened with, yes, a hip-shaking performance of “She Wolf” and a fast-moving medley that included bits of “She Wolf,” “Whenever, Wherever” and a snippet of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.” She managed a belly dance and even backed into a crowd surf in addition to the impactful rope dance. Shakira ended with her signature song, “Hips Don’t Lie.”