Trump accuses Woodward of white privilege for not doing the interview in blackface

It’s pretty hard to put one over on the Trumpster. He’s a ‘new yawka fergodsakes’. And from Queens no less. But it looks like Lindsay Graham and Bob Woodward have done just that. Though the president was sold a bill of goods by Graham, he felt it would be ‘interesting’ to be interviewed by the guy who broke Watergate. Lindsay must have promised something pretty seductive ( no, not that) to convince the ever-skeptical DJT to acquiesce.

Woodward: “We share one thing in common. We’re white, privileged. Do you have any sense privilege has isolated and put you in a cave and I think lots of white, privileged people in a cave?”

Trump: “No. You really drank the Kool-Aid, didn’t you? Just listen to you. Do white privileged people live in caves now? Aren’t the cavemen the ones with toxic masculinity? You don’t look like no caveman to me. To be honest, you look like a real pussy. Wow. No, I don’t feel that at all”.

Here’s the thing: Woodward and Trump have absolutely nothing in common. Nothing. Woodward has always been a partisan hack as evidenced by having never investigated a liberal. Even when he ‘investigated’ Obama in 2013 for the origins of the ‘sequester’ he basically did a half-hearted half-assed investigation.

G.T’s Blackface reporter Justin T. Northum has several questions for Mr. Woodward. First, shouldn’t he have given the opportunity to interview the President to a black colleague? And second, in order to mitigate his overwhelming white privilege, why did he not interview in blackface? G.T. has put forth these questions to the Washington Post and Mr. Woodward himself but surprisingly no answer has been forthcoming.



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