Trump declares state of emergency, nukes New York to prevent liberalism from spreading

The Trump Administration declared a public health emergency in New York state following an outbreak of liberalism that has infected the entire region.

As part of the declaration, Trump has said that he will be detonating a 20 megaton nuclear bomb over the city in order to protect the surrounding population from the spreading infectious disease.

Under the nuking policy, members of the national Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will check the voting records of any person who may have been in contact with infected patients.

Those who have not been innoculated with a book of logic or will be forced to pay a fine of $1000.

Health officials say that liberalism is a serious but preventable disease. “One in 4 people who contract liberalism will become brain dead within a week,” HHS director Dr. Obi Wan said. “They will getting mad at you for wanting to keep the money you earned and for not calling them a sparkly unicorn like they identify as.”

“And it’s preventable by just nuking the whole damn place.”

“There’s no question that nuclear bombs are safe, effective, and life-saving,” tweeted President Trump. “We need to nuke the city to protect children, families, and communities from this horrible disease.”