Trump folds, provides his tax returns on Hillary Clinton’s server

Well, the Donald has finally yielded to the unmitigated pressure placed on him by the Democrats and the Supreme Court. After years of rumors and innuendo touting his net worth being anywhere from zero to $15,000,000,000.00, the answer is in.

Naturally, we expect him to have taken every legal deduction. Having Michael Cohen oversee many of his financial affairs makes that almost a certainty as Mr. Cohen seems like a straight-shooter.

Just because he was seen at some of the fanciest restaurants while being on COVID-19 release from prison doesn’t mean a thing. Well, actually he was immediately re-arrested so there is that. Come on folks, one look at his face tells you he’s a trustworthy character.

But ,as GT has discovered, there are other things on Hillary’s servers worth mentioning. Governor Cuomo’s Nursing Home plan for one, along with Mayor De Blasio’s crime prevention program involving the details of how to decrease crime by defunding police and emptying prisons.


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